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BitComet allows you to download music, films and many other files thanks to the BitTorrent protocol. Install BitComet to create and download torrents


BitTorrent client to download files

June 1, 2023
8 / 10

The BitTorrent protocol is back with strength among user preferences when it comes to downloading all kinds of files, especially now that the majority of direct download systems aren't doing so well. And one of the best clients available to use it is BitComet.

BitComet is a BitTorrent client prepared to download files and manage these downloads very easily. With this client you will be able to download and share your files with the rest of users.

Powerful, quick and very easy to use.

In search of torrents

To start to download files you'll have to search for .torrent files on the web, something that you can do straight from the program because it includes links to the main sites which store this kind of files, even though you'll be able to download them from FTP servers.

When you open Torrent files with BitComet they will be added automatically to the download list, where you'll have all the information detailed, like file features, transfer speed, contents, images or associated comments...


  • Software to create and download Torrent files.
  • Take advantage of different protocols: HTTP, FTP and eMule.
  • Smart optimization of the connection speed.
  • Automatically chooses the best name for the downloaded files.
  • Preview the contents of the multimedia files that you download to check that their contents are correct.
  • Drag links to the interface to easily add new downloads.
  • Program activities by means of a task planner.
  • Includes the URI Magnet feature: starts to download torrents without opening the corresponding files by means of the DHT network.

Good, nice looking and totally free

The interface of BitComet has been optimized to make sure that your downloads work out being very simple. All the menus and options are visible. Furthermore, it doesn't have any publicity, one of the dangers which many users of this type of P2P clients encounter.

Start downloading BitComet for free, and you'll be able to download any contents from the Internet thanks to the BitTorrent protocol.

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